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  1. How do I apply for library membership?
  2. All staff and students are can apply by fill up the Library membership Form at the circulation counter. You will be given 2 cards after registration. Blue card mainly use for Open Shelf Books and red card use for Red Spot Books.

  3. How many books can I borrow with my library card?
  4. The loan entitlements for the various categories of membership:

    Type of MaterialsAcademic
    Open Shelf Books 5 Copies (60 days) 2 Copies (7 days) 1 Copies (7 days)
    Red Spot
    7 days 2 hours within the library
    overnight loan only
    For use in the library only
    Student Project
    2 Copies- For use in the library only
    CD ROM 2 items
    (60 days)
    1 item
    (For use in the library only)

  5. What happen if I lost my library card?
  6. Please report the loss or theft of your card immediately to the Library. The report has to be made in-person at the Circulation Counter. Lost library card will be charged RM2 for each card.


  7. What is the difference between Open Shelf Collection, Red Spot Collection and Reference Collection?

    • The Open Shelf Collection is textbooks or books of every discipline that can be borrowed.
    • The Red Spot Collection is valuable and expensive collections (high demand) that can only be used or borrowed for a short time only.
    • The Reference Collection is the collection mainly for reference purpose only and cannot be taken out of the library. Example: Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Indexes, Abstracts, Directories, Almanacs and Bibliographies.


  8. How to book a Discussion and Meeting Room in the library?
  9. All staff and students who wish to place bookings for a discussion or meeting room are allowed to place same-day / walk-in / request or by emailing to our representative library staff.

  10. What is requirement to use the room?

    • Discussion room, minimum person is 3 and maximum is 8 persons only.
    • Meeting room, the capacity can fit maximum 25 persons or supervised by lecturer.


  11. How much fine for overdue book?
  12. Fines of RM0.20 cent per books per day will be imposed a day after the due date of the book.

  13. How do I check my fines?
  14. Please log-in in Library Website (WebOPAC) by using your IC Number / Passport (No space) and password (last 6 digits of your IC Number / Passport). This is for registered member only. For those who are unable to access the library website means you are not become the library membership. Please go to circulation counter and request for membership form.

  15. How do I pay my fines?
  16. You can pay your fines by cash at the Library Circulation Counter. Please request for a receipt after making the payment.

  17. How do I report the loss of my library book?
  18. Please report at the Circulation Counter for any loss of books at the circulation counter.

    • The calculation of fines for the loss books will immediately stop on the report date.
    • On the date the report is made, patron will be given time to search for the book.
    • If the books still can’t be found, patron will be given 2 choices whether replace the similar books with latest edition or pay the latest book’s price.
    • In addition to that, the patron also needs to pay overdue fines accruing to the book (fines from the due date until the date reported lost)

  19. I have damaged a library book
  20. Please report the damage to the Circulation Counter staff when returning the book. The staff will survey the extent of the damage to ascertain whether you need to pay the damage.

  21. How do I renew a book?
  22. You have 2 choices for renewing.

    • You can renew it online via library website. Make sure the book is not overdue yet.
    • Walk-in to the Circulation Counter and bring along the books.

  23. How do I reserve a book?
  24. You have 3 choices to reserve the book.

    • You can walk-in to the Circulation Counter and fill up the Book Reservation Form.
    • Place hold the book via library website.
    • By emailing to our representative library staff.

Borrowing Privileges

Fines / Penalty

  • A fine is charged on loans kept beyond the due date upon the return of a loan.
  • Fines will be charged from the first day that a loan is overdue until the loan record is cleared or until the item is reported lost.
  • Students will be suspended from borrowing or use the library materials if the books are not returned or if fines are outstanding.
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